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Lowber Footbridge Completed

Board members Ted Curnow (front) and Darl Dodson install decking on the bridge.

The Association has opened its Lowber AMD project to local schools, universities and organizations as an outdoor lab to learn about the treatment of mine discharge waters as well as the flora and fauna supported by the treatment system. Several field trips, with interpreters provided by Sewickley Creek, were conducted in 2013. The initial phase of the project, completed in 2012, included the construction of an education kiosk and interpretive trail. During phase II, the Association constructed a footbridge across the discharge of the treatment system. The footbridge will provide better access for sampling and adjusting the water level in the treatment system. It will also allow us to eventually extend the walking trail around the back side of the system resulting in a one-mile loop.

Financial support for this project was provided by the Dominion Foundation which is dedicated to the economic, physical and social health of the communities served by the Dominion companies. This grant program was administered by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy in commitment to its core mission of conserving Pennsylvania’s diverse ecosystems through science-based strategy, leadership and collaboration. We applaud the Dominion Foundation and the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy for their continued, generous support.

Eagle Scout Project Completed at Brinkerton

The Association welcomes the opportunity to work with Eagle Scout candidates and has completed several projects at our AMD treatment sites over the years. On Saturday, October 26th, Nicholas Wolfe from Troop 465 in Hempfield Twp., finalized his Eagle project at our Brinkerton facility. The project included the construction of six wood duck boxes along the lagoons and stream, and one large Purple Martin hotel in the open field. The Purple Martins, if we can attract them to nest at the site, will add to the biodiversity, and more importantly, help control mosquitoes. Nicholas recruited fellow scouts, scout leaders and Association Board members to assist with the installation. He will present his project at the Association’s annual banquet on March 8th.

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