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Controlling Litter and Illegal Dump sites

Clean Up

Watersheds throughout the country are inundated with illegal dumps, Sewickley Creek Watershed is no different. Instead of properly disposing of unwanted items, many people will dispose of their trash at old refuse piles, hillsides, or stream beds.

Clean Up

The Sewickley Creek Watershed Association participates in the Great PA Cleanup in April of each year as well as local Association cleanups.

The Association, besides cleaning stream banks and stream beds, has focused their efforts on illegal dumps and littered roadways near Youngwood and Armburst. In one cleanup, 135 bags of trash, mattresses, bed springs and tires were collected. Other cleanups have yielded many dumpsters of trash.

Clean Up

The cleanup activities are the cooperative efforts of the Association volunteers, church groups, 4-H members,scouts, local residents, PA Clean Ways, PA Resources Council, Borough of Youngwood and area merchants.

PA Clean Up 2008
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